Private Yoga

“Find more on the mat to find more out of life” – Stacy

Private Yoga 
Stacy’s versatile approach allows her to tailor each practice to suit each individual and their needs. Sessions may incorporate Yoga poses, breath work, meditation techniques, relaxation and mindfulness.

Stacy has years of experience working in a one one one environment and classes can take a more therapeutic or advanced approach as needed.

Personalised Yoga is helpful for:
– Those with injuries & illness.
-Yogis wishing to deepen & advance their practice.
-Athletes to promote recovery & prevent injury.
-Small groups who prefer the privacy & attention of a home practice.
-Groups wanting to celebrate a special occasion such as a Birthday or Hen’s party.
-Time-poor with limited availability.
-Kids and Families.

 Email or call 0421 230 806 to book.


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