Satya, reality, truth & meeting ourselves

One of the biggest gifts my yoga practise has taught me, is to be responsive to the current situation. My daily home practise has always changed to reflect where I am at physically and mentally however growing a baby has forced me to adapt and surrender to the changes occurring in my body, in my practise and in my life. No more handstands, less work & no more trainings for the moment. 🙂 

Our yoga practise, is not a static thing, it will change, evolve, sometimes it will go up, sometimes it will go down. This is the reality of life and the more we are able to flow with these changes, the more content we will become, on our mats and off our mats. This is where satya (truthfulness) becomes so important to the practise in being true to ourselves in what we need at any given moment. Satya is a Yama in the yoga tradition, the meaning of the word is both reality and truth.  Practicing Satya is about becoming whole and reclaiming the disowned parts of ourselves. It’s about empowering ourselves to live our truth.

As I become more accepting of truth as it exists for me, my practise has got more softer, quieter and more easeful. This is what I need to balance the shape of my currant life of growing a baby and preparing for birth. As my practise and life has been forced to slow down, it has opened me up to richer sensations, more strength, space and so much more to explore in each pose, each day. With graceful resilience I am integrating, adapting  and living more of my truth as I get ready to meet my baby.

How we might feel is a truth, proving we are feeling that way is a reality. As we enter the festive season and 2018 comes to a end, it is a wonderful time to reflect on how our practises are supporting the shape of our current life, our current truth. How can you meet yourself more in any given moment?

Your practise changes. Then, it changes again. Then again. It will continue to change, because it is a living experience and nothing stays the same. Our yoga practise is a real relationship and its going to unfold in countless different ways over the years. – Jason Crandell

Namaste & blessings, Stacy


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