Creating Calm

Modern times have presented us with hectic and demanding schedules, pulling us further away from quietness and peace. We juggle family, work, relationships and social lives simultaneously. Dealing with competing priorities can leave us with a certain amount of anxiety. Anxiety is a constant in our lives with many ignoring it, or simply accepting it as a normal or unavoidable part of life.

However just as anxiety increases anxiety, calm increases calm. The more we practise calm and stillness the easier they are to access.

Calming the mind and bringing it to a peaceful state is called “calming the spirit” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Emotional related disorders are viewed as an imbalance of one of the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood) or a disruption of the smooth flow of circulation in the body. Acupuncture and Chinese Therapies can promote sleep, reduce panic attacks and support the nervous system.

4 Ways to Create Calm in everyday life:

TAKE A DEEP BREATHE – Take 5 slow deep breathes. Science has shown that slow breathing instantly calms the nervous system and reduces stress.

SMALL MINDFUL MOMENTS – Wait a few moments before starting the car,  take a big stretch, a sigh and guide our focus back to one thing at a time.

WATCH WITHOUT INTERPRETING – Let thoughts be, let feelings be – don’t judge or label anything. Just be aware. Developing awareness allows us to choose our interaction with our thoughts.

PRACTICE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE – It is hard to think positive when obstacles are blaring but this is a good time to be grateful.Gratitude can help us to see our situation in a way that can lessen the panic, put our situations into perspective and helps us realise what we already have.

Develop a calmer mind and in turn a calmer life. Learn relaxation techniques and breathing with private and group Yoga Classes for adults & kids; Support and nourish yourself with Acupuncture. Call Stacy on 0421 230 806 for more information.

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