What you can expect at your first Acupuncture treatment? 

“What’s it like?” I’m often asked by curious would-be acupuncture patients.

Here is what to expect:

Initial Consultation 

An initial consultation involves discussing health concerns and determining the type of treatment that will be most helpful. This includes asking questions about your symptoms and closely examining:

  • The shape, coating and colour of your tongue
  • The strength, rhythm & quality of the pulse in your wrist
  • The parts of your body that are painful
  • The colour of your face and nails

Tailoring the treatment for you 

Your treatment is tailored specifically for you. Education is provided on how Acupuncture and Chinese Therapies may be able to assist you. Your treatment could consist of massage, acupuncture, heat therapy (moxa) and electro acupuncture. Once you have a full understanding, your treatment begins.

Treatment Steps 

  1. Getting comfortable on the massage table supported with pillows and covered with towels
  2. Massage with an essential oil blend to support and nourish your body
  3. Acupuncture – It will be explained where the needles will be placed and what you should expect to feel. Acupuncture isn’t painful but you will feel a sensation. Not all sensations are painful. You may be aware of heaviness, tingling or a dull sensation. In fact, most first time acupuncture patients say to me after their first needle has been inserted “Was that it?” 
  4. Needles are left in place for 10 to 20 minutes. Relaxing music is played and this is a time for rest, relaxation and to absorb the benefits of your treatment.

After the treatment 

Some people feel relaxed and others feel energised. Your treatment plan will be explained to you and may include breathing techniques, dietary changes, stretches and exercises.

Stacy Robson is a qualified Acupuncturist.  Treatments are available   at “The Courtyard” 16 Matthew Street, Stanthorpe. For more information call Stacy on 0421 230 806.


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