Align with your Light: Winter Solstice

In Latin, solstice means sun set still and Winter Solstice is the great stillness before the Sun’s strength builds, and days grow longer.

It is a time to rest and reflect, to harmonise our energy and strengthen our connection to our spirit and life’s purpose. It is a powerful time to acknowledge our shadow and align with our light to illuminate our highest destiny. It’s the fruitful dark out of which new life can eventually emerge. Winter Solstice has been a time of celebration, rest, emotional and physical nourishment for thousands of years.

IMG_1467.JPGOur Stanthorpe Winter Solstice Yoga retreat will connect you more deeply with yourself and align you with your light through breathe practises that move awareness inside, rest & integration through restorative yoga postures and Vinyasa yoga flows that calm the nervous system and soothe the mind. Celebration’s will include a wine meditation, cosy time in front of the fire, hiking in nature and delicious local produce.

Align with your light, and join us on the 22nd-24th of June 2018 for a magical winter retreat. Email for more information.

Namaste, Stacy



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