Wine Meditation

Last night we had a huge storm whip through the Granite Belt causing the town to lose power for most of the evening. It was my partner 30th Birthday and I was in the middle of making him lasagne. The lasagne went into the webber to finish cooking. The lasagne wasn’t very successful however the candle light and storm provided the perfect backdrop for a wine meditation. Do yourself a favour, buy a nice bottle, find a comfortable seat & follow the steps:

Pour yourself a small glass of wine in the nicest glass your have. IMG_9677

Observe your glass of wine & take a moment to think about all of the effort that goes into it – the soil the vines grow in, the hardworking hands and passionate hearts that nurture and look after the grapes. Living in wine country I have a new appreciation of what goes into a bottle of wine. Just now as I write this, I know the local wineries are dealing with broken canes after the storm last night.

Feel the weight & texture of the glass. 

IMG_3131Lift the glass & take a deep inhale. Notice the smell.

Close your eyes, take a sip & let it sit on your tongue for a few moments. Inhale & exhale before you swallow. Repeat. Focus on the flavours & what is happening in your body.

It is delightful, indulgent and reconnects you with your senses, which is one of the core benefits. Our upcoming  Summer and Winter retreats will explore both food and wine meditations. This week my Sunday yoga class is going to indulge in a chocolate meditation. 🙂

I would love to hear if you have done a wine meditation before?

IMG_0099 2

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