Self Care {Daily Love notes to yourself}


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Elena, my friend & myself post Yoga. 

“Self-care is never a selfish act – it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer others. Anytime we can listen to true self and give the care it requires, we do it not only for ourselves, but for the many others whose lives we to touch.” ― Parker J. Palmer 
Throughout my life I have been surrounded by a tribe of women that have shared and taught me the importance of self care. However as I finished my level 2 300 hour Teacher training course, planned a wedding (still planning) and had a change with work,  my daily self care rituals got forgotten about. I then attended a workshop with Elena Brower and was reminded yet again, of the power and importance of self care. As we flowed through Yoga postures Elena spoke about her practises of self care been around paying attention to what she needs to be well, rested and present. 

There’s an energetic scent to someone who’s taking care of themselves, and it’s magnetic and inspiring, and it’s important to share that with other people. – Elena Brower. 

As Elena was a reminder to me, let this be a reminder to you to take time for self care. Let go of the though that self care is a luxury but look at it has a necessary part of your every day life. When you give yourself love, space and attention it allows you to be the best version of yourself and in turn share that with those around you. Getting clear on what self care looks like for you is the first step to making it part of your daily routine.

For me, my self care consists of daily rituals that fill me with pleasure, keep me grounded and connected to myself. Here are my five daily rituals that are like daily love notes to myself:

Yoga, Breathing + Meditation You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where are resisting your natural state” – Sharon Gannon
Every day I roll out my mat sit, breathe & move in a way that I need on that day.

My morning starts with a walk in nature shared with my beloved dog. Breathing in  the fresh air, connecting with the earth, listening to the birds & walking through the bush sets me up for my day ahead. Living in Stanthorpe I am lucky to have Girraween National park right on my door step for longer weekend hikes.

Music Dear Music, thanks for clearing my head, healing my heart and lifting my spirits” – Lori Deschene. Music to me is a soulful vibration that resonates in my body and mind.

My evening ritual consists of finishing work, coming home and lightning my candle. It is a ritual that symbolises it is down time, time to unwind and just be home.

From my time in China, Taiwan and Japan, I have fallen in love with the ritual of making and drinking tea. Each day, I boil water, infuse tea in my cute tea pots, sip, sit and just be.

I am currently dreaming up one day retreats that will infuse Yoga, self-care and positive wellbeing all into one. So watch this space, for more information to come soon. 

I would love to hear how you fill up your cup?


Namaste, Stacy







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