Stanthorpe & Granite Belt Best Kept Secrets

There is nothing quite like the Granite belt. It is part of Queensland but it feels like a different country. Stanthorpe is located 2.5hour drive from Brisbane and at 1000 metres elevation the air seems fresher and the sky more blue. There is the experience of four distinct seasons – frosty winters, autumn colours, spring blossoms & cooler summer nights where you can escape the sweltering heat of the coast. Lush seasonal fruit and vegetables thrive in the granite soil making the region nationally recognised for the winemaking and diversity of local produce. The spectacular granite countryside is dotted with apple orchards, vineyards, vast fields of strawberries and national parks. With wine to taste, food to enjoy, trails to hike and pyramids to climb the Granite Belt is the perfect weekend escape.

I have been living in Stanthorpe for the last year and have been visiting the Granite Belt region for the last five years. Our Yoga & Walking retreat has been crafted for those seeking a little getaway and is full of all my favourite things.

My absolute two favourite things about living on the Granite Belt are:

21763857_10154809181426975_1042420937_n.jpgDisconnect & Reconnect with Nature  

Having travelled all over the world hiking, I rate Girraween National Park as the most stunning and completely unique park I have ever seen. It is made up of 12,000 hectares of intriguing granite boulders, endless views, eucalypt forests and rock pools. My favourite walk is Castle Rock, it completely immerses you in the restorative power of nature. You meander through shady woodlands, listen to the birds, open up to a exposed granite summit and take in breathtaking views widespread over Girraween. The best thing about our February retreat is our home base is nestled right next door to Girraween on its own 400 acres of bush allowing a complete chance to escape the city life, disconnect and reconnect with nature.

Local Produce


My next favourite thing about Stanthorpe and the wider Granite Belt area is the diverse local fresh produce. It is a foodie hot spot. My weekly shop consists of directly dropping into the farms and stocking up on what is fresh and in season. On our February retreat we will be spoilt with some of Stanthorpe best produce including sweet berries, figs and divine stone fruit. Stanthorpe has over 40 boutique wineries and we will be treated to a private wine tasting by one of my favourite wineries. There will be even matched local cheese.

For those seeking a little getaway the Yoga & Walking retreat has been crafted especially for you. Email for more information about our Yoga & Walking Retreat on the 16th-19th February 2018.



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